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 Are you looking for a doctor who really listens to your story?

Are you looking for a medical center that determines the underlying cause(s) of your health problem, and treats with safe and effective natural methods of treatment? Dr. Richard Kitaeff is an award-winning naturopathic physician with 45 years of experience in the natural medicine field.

He directs New Health Medical Center, combining all forms of natural medicine through special programs in Pain Therapy, European-style Detoxification or Internal Cleansing, Weight Loss, Energy Enhancement, Hormone Balancing, and Cancer Support.


An Interview With Dr. Kitaeff

Jeremy Baker of Seattle’s Best Spas interviews Dr. Kitaeff on issues ranging from natural medicine, treatments for chronic pain, acupuncture, and micro-current electrical therapy.

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Helpful Resources

We have produced many helpful articles to assist you in living a healthy life naturally. These complementary articles will help you in your journey to healthy living.

autonomic dysregulation at new health medical center

New Health Medical Center was featured in the February 2017 Issue of the Townsend Letter for Dr. Kitaeff’s article on

A Case of Autonomic Dysregulation Syndrome
by Richard Kitaeff, MA, NMD, DipAc, LAc

leadership staff at new health medical center

Our Office Leadership Team

New Health Medical Center’s core staff (left to right) Office Manager Annie Hart, naturopathic physicians/acupuncturists Dr. Richard Kitaeff and Dr. Kevin Kuo.


Welcome Dr. Kevin Kuo

Dr. Kevin Kuo earned his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine from Bastyr University.

European Medical Spa-Style Treatments

Ask about our European medical spa-style treatment programs, including medical detoxification/ internal cleansing and cosmetic non-surgical face-lift.

Remember everyone is toxic, and accumulated toxicity is the basis for chronic diseases (when you clean your house, you take out the garbage first!) Everyone cares about the face you present to the world.

Welcome Video By Dr. Richard Kitaeff

toxicity survey at new health medical center

Is Your Body Toxic?

Take our quick survey to find out if your body has built-up a toxicity level that we can help with.


Do you Need To Lose Weight?

Find out more about our easy to follow weight loss programs.

pain therapy at new health medical center

Are You In Pain?

Our Pain Therapy Program has introduced for difficult muscle and joint pain trigger point and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections that are safe (non-steroidal) and effective.

eating plan-at-new-health-medical-center

What Should you Eat?

Our Medical Center evaluates and treats the whole mind-body condition of every patient and an individual food plan is an important part.

“Dr. Kitaeff is an innovative and pioneering practitioner who has integrated an arsenal of therapeutic modalities and techniques.”

Ralph Golan, M.D.

Author, Optimal Wellness

“Thanks for your help with my back injury. I couldn’t have done it without your support, both physical and emotional.” – Christine Campbell, U.S. Olympic Rowing Team, Seoul, 1988

Christine Campbell

U.S. Olympic Rowing Team, Seoul, 1988

“My name is George Liska. I am 99 years old. I spent three weeks in Edmonds, Washington at the clinic of Dr. Richard Kitaeff. During the three weeks I was there, I received the Mora therapy, water therapy and acupuncture, which saved my legs; whereas the three doctors in Carson City and South Lake Tahoe said my gangrenous legs would have to be amputated. Thank you, Dr. Kitaeff, for saving my legs.”

George Liska


"Thank you so much for welcoming me into your clinic and teaching me with such kindness. Your patients love you, and I can see why. You're thorough,knowledgeable, dedicated, and you care about everyone who walks in your door. Besides all the teaching and learning, thank you for being my friend. I look forward to seeing you again sometime. Wishing you blessings and success."

D. R.

Bastyr University Acupuncture Student Observor

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