Pain Control And Metabolic Detoxification

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An Interview With Dr. Kitaeff

Jeremy Baker of Seattle’s Best Spas interviews Dr. Kitaeff on issues ranging from natural medicine, treatments for chronic pain, acupuncture, and micro-current electrical therapy.


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Doyle H. Finds Relief At New Health Medical Center

“Great staff, Dr Kitaeff is great. I have been a patient for over 2 years and he has been fantastic. He has relieved the pain in my knee, ankle, shoulder, and neck. Great team.”


John C. Travels From Montana To New Health Medical Center

“John C travels all the way from Montana for the exceptional treatment at New Health Medical Center.”


Peter M. Receives Personal Care At New Health Medical Center

Peter M. has found the best personal care he requires from a medical center at New Health Medical Center.


Luther N. Learns How To Protect His Health At New Health Medical Center

“It has been just a few months, since I have been seeing Dr. Kitaeff and I have learned so much about how I can protect my health, especially since his treatments have gotten very good results.”


Debra C. Feels 10 Years Younger Because Of New Health Medical Center

“I cannot say enough good about good about Dr. Kitaeff and staff. My arthritic condition is much, much better. Inflammation in my joints gone! In general, with supplements and acupuncture, I feel 10 years younger since I began treatments six months ago. I’m thrilled.”


Marcia K. Had Been Sick For 3 Years Until She Came To New Health Medical Center

“Dr. Kitaeff has shown me the possibility of hope through his various healing techniques. He is very knowledgeable and caring. He always takes the time to listen and treat. He gave me the tests that I needed to have to help me heal. I am very thankful to have found him. I had been sick for 3 years until I came here.”


Dario Is Grateful For The Personal Care At New Health Medical Center

“Dr. Kitaeff has my gratitude for all the help that he has provided for me. He and his staff have been there through thick and thin in order to help me and their patients to recognize and overcome the ailments that can keep us patients from enjoying life. Thank you again for all that you do.”


Lisa S. Has Been A Patient For 12 Years At New Health Medical Center

I been a patient of Dr. Kitaeff’s for twelve years. He has consistently been an excellent doctor who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his patients. He is an extremely gifted doctor with an eclectic range of healing modalities. My husband and I are both grateful to have found him.”

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