I am AWE-mazed at how quickly my body has responded to Dr. Kitaeff’s treatment on Wednesday. It has been just about 72 hours and I’m about 92% recovered. The rash on my inner elbow area and down the arm is barely noticeable, and all the other areas on my torso, chest & arms have significantly improved as well as the inner thighs. The inflammation & redness is entirely gone & most of it is just discolored & kind of dry-patchiness from being compromised for so long. I’ve not looked or felt this good for an entire year now… and it has improved my overall well-being tremendously. I AM SOOOOO overflowing with gratitude; GreatFULL for your wisdom & care.
However, it leaves me with supreme cognitive dissonance as to why true healers such as yourself are not covered by insurance – why i/we are required to seek “medical attention” from unskilled “doctors” who aren’t interested or trained in the holistic approach – who’ve only proven to me (*every* time I was forced to seek their care under the L&I or other insurance guidelines) that there only real concern is how much they can charge & how many pharmaceuticals they can prescribe – even when I tell them that I am completely sensitive & have adverse reactions to anything that is unnatural? There has to be something we can do to change this archaic system that is actually a threat to our health (to put it mildly,) and most certainly is a huge obstacle to getting proper care. I’ve suffered for a year unnecessarily… and I was well aware that natural treatments were available to me, but because of the barriers caused by not being an option under insurance, I failed to seek the attention I needed (and I will never make that mistake again!)
I look forward to our follow up appointment and to hear your professional diagnosis as to what you think was the cause; I know I shared what my thoughts were, but I guess I failed to remember or inquire as to what your determination was for this alarming & incessant inflamation of my skin.
I feel so blessed to be in your care. I am so very thankful that Dr. Kitaeff has dedicated his life path to provide such wonderful care… and can’t help but to voice my deep heartfelt prayer that his legacy will continue by having inspired & blessed another soul with this very valuable torch of wisdom for future generations. ((( <3 )))