Physical Medicine

Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise is considered one of the foundations to health, it  prevents, ameliorates, and delays against countless health conditions.

Many people wish to start, but either doesn’t know how or pick an incorrect form of exercise to start.
Even though all exercises are beneficial, but not all exercises are created equally, benefits of aerobic exercise will differ from resistant or flexibility or balance training.

We integrate exercise into all of our treatment regimen to help you achieve the health outcome you desire.


Sports Medicine

It’s inevitable Injuries will occur with exercise, sometimes an injury can be shaken off, but sometimes an injury can set someone back significantly. Sports related injuries can also occur to young or old, whether it’s sports injury recovery or post-operation recovery, we have many tools to help you get back to your game!

Work Injuries & Health

Do you have a physical demanding job that puts you at risk of injuries? Or maybe your job is too sedentary?

If so, you may want to take a proactive approach in finding ways to prevent many avoidable chronic illnesses. We will work to find a solution that fits your busy schedule and come up with an efficient regimen.

Spinal/Joint Manipulation

The spine is central to the body, any restrictions found along the spin can affect how the body moves and feels. The techniques of spinal/joint manipulation is fairly similar to chiropractic adjustments and can be performed with various tools.


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a catch-all terminology that refers to any modalities that involve utilizing different tools or massage techniques on the body. It could range from various massage techniques to cupping, and to guasha/graston technique.


There are times when we all need a little more support. We custom fit you for an orthotic insert for arches that may have dropped or fallen overtime, it may help with any foot discomfort such as plantar fasciitis.


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