I started seeing Dr. K many years ago after a car wreck left me with constant headaches. He treated me and got me to the point where I was before the accident. I will be forever grateful for his help.
Now, fast forward to present day and I have needed his help again. He again has helped me with my medical needs.
He and His staff has always been top notch and always pleasant to do business with. They all have a way of explaining things in a way so it can be understood without having a degree in the medical field. Maybe this seems simple minded to some, but, for me it is a plus not to have to carry a medical dictionary around with you when visiting a doctors office.
The 2 massage therapist’s I have seen, Jill & Alsia have both helped me in my recovery and in seeing things in a different light. Annie is always a pleasure to work with for scheduling and many could learn from her.
Thank you All for your continued help