Our Massage Therapist!

Amanda does wonderful massages, check out her profile!

Our Massage Therapist!

Amanda does wonderful massages, check out her profile!

New Health Medical Center

Serving the Greater Seattle Area Since 1978

Are you looking for a medical center that determines the underlying cause(s) of your health problem, and treats with safe and effective natural methods?

Our doctors at NHMC combine all forms of natural medicine through special programs in Pain Therapy, European-style Detoxification or Internal Cleansing, Weight Loss, Energy Enhancement, Hormone Balancing, and Cancer Support.


New Health Medical Center

Serving the Greater Seattle Area Since 1978

Are you looking for a medical center that determines the underlying cause(s) of your health problem, and treats with safe and effective natural methods?

Our doctors at NHMC combine all forms of natural medicine through special programs in Pain Therapy, European-style Detoxification or Internal Cleansing, Weight Loss, Energy Enhancement, Hormone Balancing, and Cancer Support.



Dr. Kitaeff

Dr. Richard Kitaeff, naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, was the first Westerner to graduate from Meiji University of Oriental Medicine in Osaka, Japan. Kitaeff was also a member of the first graduating class of naturopathic physicians from Bastyr University in 1982.

Appointment Request

Appointment Request


Dr. Kuo

Dr. Kevin Kuo earned his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine from Bastyr University.

European Medical Spa-Style Treatments

Ask about our European medical spa-style treatment programs, consisting of medical detoxification/ internal cleansing and cosmetic non-surgical face-lift.

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Helpful Resources

We have produced many helpful articles to assist you in living a healthy life naturally. These complementary articles will help you in your journey to healthy living.

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Dr. Kitaeff's Interview with Seattle's Best Spas

Jeremy Baker of Seattle’s Best Spas interviews Dr. Kitaeff on issues ranging from natural medicine, treatments for chronic pain, acupuncture, and micro-current electrical therapy.

toxicity survey at new health medical center

Toxicity Survey

Everyone is toxic to a certain extent and accumulated toxicity is the basis for chronic diseases. When you clean your house, you take out the garbage first. Take a quick survey to find out if your body has built-up a toxicity level that we can help with.


Weight Loss Program

Find out more about our different approaches to weight loss.

pain therapy at new health medical center

Are You In Pain?

Our Pain Therapy Program now includes Trigger Point and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections that are safe, non-steroidal, and effective for difficult muscle/ joint pain.

eating plan-at-new-health-medical-center

What Should you Eat?

Our Medical Center evaluates and treats the whole mind-body condition of every patient and an individual food plan is an important part.

Client Testimonials

Kind, Compassionate, and Professional

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Kitaeff for several years.  Dr. Kitaeff is a wealth of information of natural health and holistic therapies, and he is extremely gifted in his profession. I have gone to him for various health issues, and have… Read more “Kind, Compassionate, and Professional”


Difficulty in Conceiving a Child

When my husband and I had difficulty in conceiving a child, Dr. Kitaeff’s acupuncture treatment enabled us to do so. Later, when I had an accident injury, Dr. Kitaeff succeeded in controlling my neck and back pain and promoted my recovery with his thorough and… Read more “Difficulty in Conceiving a Child”


Forever Grateful

I started seeing Dr. K many years ago after a car wreck left me with constant headaches. He treated me and got me to the point where I was before the accident. I will be forever grateful for his help. Now, fast forward to present… Read more “Forever Grateful”


10 Years Younger

I cannot say enough good about Dr. Kitaeff and staff. My arthritic condition is much, much better. Inflammation in my joints gone! In general, with supplements and acupuncture, I feel 10 years younger since I began treatments six months ago. I’m thrilled.



As you all may have known my recent back issue had flared up to proportions that were interfering with daily comfort and started effecting my ability to work. As you all know when I’m feeling good, I’m great…but when my back is flared up or what some people would… Read more “Back to PAIN FREE”


Mind is Clear

“I am doing well, without milk and all milk products. The psoriasis is gone…I have switched over to almond milk….My mind is clear and I feel great.”” (Robert traveled to our natural medicine center from Massachusetts for two weeks in June, 2014 to receive treatment… Read more “Mind is Clear”

Patient, Massachusetts

Spends Time with You

What I appreciate most about Dr. K. is he spends as much time with you as you need. A lot of doctors rush you out the door, but you can tell Dr. K. Really cares.


Gentle Procedure

I have been working with Dr. Kitaeff for 4 years now and my health just keeps improving! I originally came in to see him for severe sinus problems which led to other problems. He began to treat this ailment and we moved to other concerns as… Read more “Gentle Procedure”


New Level of Wellness

I visited the New Health Medical Center for nutritional issues and was very satisfied with the results. Dr. Kitaeff was incredibly helpful – I lost more than 20 lbs.! But more importantly , I feel a new level of wellness and energy I never expected… Read more “New Level of Wellness”


Truly Smoke-Free

Dr. Kitaeff has obviously been practicing for many years and I can honestly say that he helped change my life! I had been trying to quit smoking for nearly three years before a friend recommended Dr. Kitaeff and I’m so glad I suspended my skepticism and… Read more “Truly Smoke-Free”

Patient, Friday Harbor

What a difference!

I have been diagnosed with a knee bursitis for many months and saw many other PT, just one session of acupuncture with Dr.Kuo changed the way I was feeling, what a difference! Highly recommend Dr.Kuo for any sports related injuries!


Couldn’t Be More Pleased

I’ve never had to think much about my appearance. I felt young and looked young and -happily- could walk right by the makeup counter. Imagine the shock when, at age 73, I looked in the mirror and saw a lower face unmistakably drooping. It didn’t… Read more “Couldn’t Be More Pleased”


Thank You

Thanks for your help with my back injury. I couldn’t have done it without your support, both physical and emotional.

Christine Campbell
U.S. Olympic Rowing Team, Seoul, 1988


I’ve been going to the clinic since it opened. Dr. Kitaeff is an incredibly capable, delicate and innovative acupuncturist and naturopath. It is it wasn’t for him I would have had to have knee surgery years ago. The New Health Medical Center is itself a comfortable… Read more “Innovative”


Far and Beyond Better

I have several autoimmune diseases and Dr. Kitaeff at New Health Medical Center has helped me more than a neurologist, rheumatologist, a digestive disease doctors combined. His care is far and beyond better than anything I have received before. He’s an excellent acupuncturist who has… Read more “Far and Beyond Better”


Amazed at the Relief

I can’t say enough about Doctor K. and his wife Annie. They have done wonders for all of my friends and family members that have gone there We have gone to the clinic for various reasons. My son went during his wrestling season for acupuncture on… Read more “Amazed at the Relief”


Protect My Health

It has been just a few months, since I have been seeing Dr. Kitaeff and I have learned so much about how I can protect my health, especially since his treatments have gotten very good results.


Pain is Completely Gone

I am Mika from Gardenerville, Nevada. I received the Mora Treatment and acupuncture in Dr. Richard Kitaeff’s clinic in Edmonds, Washington. I received three weeks of treatment for my liver. I was suffering with liver pain for several years. I had several tests: blood, CAT… Read more “Pain is Completely Gone”

Patient, Nevada

Feel Better

Thank you Dr. Kitaeff for taking care of my health. I feel better now than 10 years ago after your treatments.


Great Team

Great staff, Dr Kitaeff is great. I have been a patient for over 2 years and he has been fantastic. He has relieved the pain in my knee, ankle, shoulder, and neck. Great team.


Never Gave Up

I felt the doctors had given up on me and, worse, I had all but given up on me too. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Kitaeff. He never gave up, Dr. Kitaeff’s knowledge and resources are vast and thorough. He pulls from a myriad… Read more “Never Gave Up”


Feeling Great Again

Been having seizure since 10 years ago, tried a lot of medication out there. First time feeling great again after seeing Dr. Kuo. He watched me having Ketogenic Diet, vitamins, fish oil, and I haven’t had a seizure in the past 3 months. Energy is… Read more “Feeling Great Again”


Knowledgeable and Confident

I’ve had a nasty cough and clogged lungs for a month straight, so bad my ribs were killing me when I coughed. Went to a regular health clinic and the doctor said it was probably a virus, though it should have been healed by then… Read more “Knowledgeable and Confident”


Recognize and Overcome Ailments

Dr. Kitaeff has my gratitude for all the help that he has provided for me. He and his staff have been there through thick and thin in order to help me and their patients to recognize and overcome the ailments that can keep us patients… Read more “Recognize and Overcome Ailments”


Above and Beyond

I been a patient of Dr. Kitaeff’s for twelve years. He has consistently been an excellent doctor who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his patients. He is an extremely gifted doctor with an eclectic range of healing modalities. My husband and… Read more “Above and Beyond”


Saved My Legs

My name is George Liska. I am 99 years old. I spent three weeks in Edmonds, Washington at the clinic of Dr. Richard Kitaeff. During the three weeks I was there, I received the Mora therapy, water therapy and acupuncture, which saved my legs; whereas… Read more “Saved My Legs”

Patient, Nevada

Thorough, Knowledgeable, Dedicated

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your clinic and teaching me with such kindness. Your patients love you, and I can see why. You’re thorough,knowledgeable, dedicated, and you care about everyone who walks in your door. Besides all the teaching and learning, thank… Read more “Thorough, Knowledgeable, Dedicated”

Bastyr University Acupuncture Student Observer

Possibility of Hope

Dr. Kitaeff has shown me the possibility of hope through his various healing techniques. He is very knowledgeable and caring. He always takes the time to listen and treat. He gave me the tests that I needed to have to help me heal. I am… Read more “Possibility of Hope”


Helped Us to Conceive not Once but Twice

My husband and I have surely benefited from Dr. Kitaeff’s acupuncture treatment and herbal remedies in more ways than we can count. It has helped us with our back pain, anxiety, depression and most importantly, has helped us to conceive not once but twice when… Read more “Helped Us to Conceive not Once but Twice”


True Healer

Love Dr Kitaeff and all of his modes of treatments over the years! A true Healer!!


Oversee My Problems

I highly recommend Dr. Kuo! If you are dealing with chronic pain like me or is searching for a good acupuncturist. I have been experiencing chronic shoulder and back pain for the last 5 years due to work related injury. After going to countless chiropractors,… Read more “Oversee My Problems”


Eliminate the Underlying Cause

Dr. Kitaeff is an answer to many months of prayers. After a lengthy bout of various issues, I was depressed, exhausted, frustrated and at the end of hope. After months of invasive procedures, specialists, doctors and tests, the verdict was always nothing is wrong as they… Read more “Eliminate the Underlying Cause”


Feeling of Energy

After years of feeling fatigued I was amazed at the feeling of energy I experienced after just two acupuncture treatments.


Highly Recommend

After a decade of suffering with fibromyalgia and chronic back pain I finally found some relief two years ago when I started treatment with Dr. Kitaeff. My pain level has decreased dramatically and my all over health has improved to the point where it feels… Read more “Highly Recommend”


Innovate and Pioneering

Dr. Kitaeff is an innovative and pioneering practitioner who has integrated an arsenal of therapeutic modalities and techniques.

Ralph Golan, M.D.
Author, Optimal Wellness


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