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 Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

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Musculoskeletal Application

♦  Joint Degeneration

♦  Knee/Hip/Shoulder Arthritis

♦  Pain Management

♦  Plantar Fasciitis

♦  Sports Injuries (Tennis/Golfer’s elbow)

♦  Tissue Sprain/Strain

Cosmetic Applications

♦  Acne scars

♦  Hair-loss

♦  Scars

♦  Lines/Wrinkles

♦  Stretch marks

♦  Facial complaints

platelet-rich plasma for knee osteoarthritis


Platelets contain fundamental growth factors that help healing at a cellular level, stimulate collagen formation, and attract other stem cells needed to accelerate the regeneration of tissues.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of human platelets contained in a small volume of blood. This is done through taking a small amount of blood then putting it through a centrifuge to separate out the PRP from PPP (Platelet-poor plasma).

The PRP can then be administered to the desired area of treatment.


The body generally does well to repair itself; however, if the joint has been repeatedly injured overtime or too severely injured, then extra measures may have to be taken to stimulate proper healing response again.

PRP works differently from other injections because it is trying to trigger a repair response and heal the underlying dysfunction causing the problem, not by masking or offering temporary solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on severity, some people with light severity will benefit as little as 1 treatment, some will require 3+ treatments.
We can determine this from the consultation.

Does everyone qualify for this treatment?

Most people have no problem getting PRP, but there are a few conditions we don’t recommend starting with PRP first.

What to expect after PRP?

After the procedure, we may ask you to take it easy for awhile, but you should feel the effects fairly soon, lasting few months out as the body continues to heal.

Does insurance cover this procedure?

PRP is cash service, but we can provide superbill if requested.

I have conditions not listed above, can PRP help?

Yes! PRP can be utilized for many applications.
Even if PRP doesn’t end up being suitable treatments, we have other recommendations that can help.

Are there any side effects?

Aside from some slight local discomfort from the injection, there may be some localized bruising afterwards. Since PRP is dervied from your own blood, there won’t be any major interactions.

Fun fact, Platelet derived preparations are not prohibited according to WADA Q&A website.

Despite the presence of some growth factors, platelet-derived preparations were removed from the Prohibited List as recent studies on PRP do not demonstrate any performance enhancement beyond a potential therapeutic effect.

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