I’ve had a nasty cough and clogged lungs for a month straight, so bad my ribs were killing me when I coughed. Went to a regular health clinic and the doctor said it was probably a virus, though it should have been healed by then if it were. He offered an inhaler to ease the symptoms but nothing else. I suffered through another 2 weeks with absolutely no change in the condition.

This Sat. I went to Dr. Kitaeff and had acupuncture plus two kinds of Chinese herbal oils – one for clearing the lungs and one for eliminating whatever was causing the problem. Plus he recommended a mineral-rich mud bath that can be used at home for eliminating toxins and boosting the immune system. Well, it’s Monday morning, less than 48 hours after the acupuncture treatment, and I’m almost totally well. Dr. Kitaeff was very friendly and seemed very concerned with my treatment and very thorough.

The doctor was obviously quite knowledgeable and confident when he was working on me. At any rate, it’s the cure I wanted so I’m happy (and healthy). Moreover, I wanted to be HEALED; not for my symptoms to be covered up like the traditional doctor wanted to do.