Dr. Kitaeff is an answer to many months of prayers. After a lengthy bout of various issues, I was depressed, exhausted, frustrated and at the end of hope. After months of invasive procedures, specialists, doctors and tests, the verdict was always nothing is wrong as they went about their business and expected me to just say okay and deal with the debilitating symptoms that I had been experiencing. On the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Kitaeff. I was speechless when I left my first appointment, not only did he spend two hours (more time than all of the other specialists and doctors combined) with me questioning in depth every one of my symptoms, he provided a plan, supplements to ease my symptoms, procedures and tests to diagnose and eliminate what the underlying cause was. After the first therapy visit, my problem that had been going on for months was gone! In six weeks (the time it took to receive the test results), we had a diagnosis and I was on my way to rehabilitation! Two and a half months into my treatment, we have eliminated many of my symptoms and are successfully working on others that have been plaguing me for years. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude. I would and do recommend anyone that is unable to receive answers from those people that are sworn to focus on the health of those that seek their help, make an appointment with Dr. Kitaeff and let him help you to the road of wellness.