I’ve never had to think much about my appearance. I felt young and looked young and -happily- could walk right by the makeup counter. Imagine the shock when, at age 73, I looked in the mirror and saw a lower face unmistakably drooping. It didn’t stop there either- as the months passed, the sad, sagging look only got more so. I said to myself ‘this isn’t me!’ As I had at one time had an excellent experience with acupuncture, I thought I would try it again under the auspices of Dr. Kitaeff- this time with an emphasis on facial rejuvenation. I am now several weeks into the treatment and I couldn’t be more pleased. What a wonderful thing it is to see the body itself respond on the cellular level. I’m thinking, ‘Is this the new me? Did I get younger?’ Thank you Dr. Kitaeff for your expertise, experience, and outstanding treatment. I look forward to every session! I am truly grateful.