treating autoimmune conditions at-new-health-medical-center

treating autoimmune conditions at-new-health-medical-center

Autoimmunity is  a disease condition that occurs when the body’s normal defense against disease, the immune system, is triggered to attack our body’s  own tissues, causing various symptoms, that may be diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, type 1 diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, some forms of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and others.  These conditions always involve widespread inflammation that is difficult to control in a long-term way through the conventional medical  approach of immune-suppressing steroid medication because it has serious side-effects over time. Furthermore, it  does not address the actual cause of the problem.

Assessment of Auto-Immunity

While a simple blood test may confirm the presence of an autoimmune reaction in the body, more advanced naturopathic medical testing can reveal  the type and extent of damage to the defensive barriers  that occur mainly in the gastro-intestinal system and the brain. In addition, a naturopathic medical clinic can test for the specific toxic or microbial (infection-causing)  or allergic factors that may have triggered the autoimmune inflammatory reaction. These factors might include toxic heavy metals such as lead or mercury, infection agents such as virus, bacteria, or yeast, or environmental or dietary allergens. By knowing the cause of the autoimmune reaction, treatment can be more appropriately targeted.

Treating the Cause with Natural Therapy

New Health Medical Center has 36 years of experience treating autoimmune conditions in Edmonds, Washington with safe, natural therapeutic alternatives to the conventional medication approach. Control of symptoms  such as pain or fatigue can often be achieved with acupuncture, botanical medications, hydrotherapy and massage. Anti-microbial herbs, unlike antibiotics, can safely be used long-term to  control persistent, low-grade infection agents. A unique Medical Detoxification Program available in our clinic to remove toxic heavy metals and chemical solvents stored in the body includes dietary and botanical cleansing and physical detoxification through hydrotherapy and infra-red sauna.

If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune  disorder or suspect you might have symptoms of one, call (425) 775-6001 today to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with a naturopathic  physician from New Health Medical Center.