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Emsella Shockwave
Therapy Cures ED

Also Effective for Peyronie’s Disease

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A Safe, Alternative
ED Treatment

Discover how you can reclaim the anticipation, joy, and thrill of sex.

Men's Sexual Health

Male sexual dysfunction is a common systemic disorder that increases with age. In fact, there are many components involved in maintenance of normal male sexual functions: vascular, neurological, hormonal, and psychological.

How Shockwave Works

Shockwave Therapy promotes increased blood flow to the penis by a process called neovascularization (new blood vessel regeneration).
This results in improved sensitivity, more natural, and spontaneous erections!

How Emsella Works

Emsella employs Highly Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate muscle contractions in the pelvic floor. Patients undergoing treatment remain fully clothed and seated on a specialized ergonomic chair, often referred to as the “Kegel throne.” The HIFEM energy is directed towards the muscle tissues of the pelvic floor, inducing powerful contractions at a rate that is beyond human capability.

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Who can benefit from Emsella Shockwave Therapy?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Do you suffer from inability to maintain an erection or get an erection due to lack of blood flow? Let shockwave therapy help with neovascularization (new blood vessel regeneration), particularly in promoting more blood flow to help you achieve better erection!

Peyronie’s Disease

Do you experience penile pain, curvature, and/or ED? Shockwave therapy can help with penile pain reduction and break down the scar tissue and reducing the curvature; furthermore, prevent disease progression.

Medication Free Male Enhancement

Shockwave therapy can be a safe and effective treatment for men who simply want to improve their performance, have better and stronger erections.



Why Choose Us?

emsella erectile dysfunction

We offer multiple forms of treatments!

At our clinic, we use both focus and radial shockwaves to maximize patient’s outcome. In addition, we incorporate Emsella’s Highly Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) chair into our therapy.



Frequently asked questions about shockwave therapy:

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on type of conditions being treated. Generally, orthopedic conditions are less complicated and require anywhere between 1-7 treatments. Men’s sexual health conditions tend to be a bit more complicated and will require between 7-14 treatments.
We can usually determine this from the consultation.

Does everyone qualify for this treatment?

At this time, most people have no problem getting shockwave therapy, but there are a few conditions we don’t recommend treating with:

  • radical prostatectomy
  • active tumor
  • penile prostheses
  • blood disorder or blood-thinner users
  • hypogonadism

Does this therapy hurt?

No significant pain should be felt, but everyone’s discomfort tolerance is different from time to time. Thus, the clinician is able to adjust the intensity according to your tolerance.

How long does each treatment take?

The number of pulses/shocks required depends on what conditions are being treated. Frequency of the pulses can also be adjusted as well. Generally, each treatments take between 10-20min.

Are there any side effects?

Shockwave treatments are gentle and essentially free of any side effects.
On the rare occasions, there may be some bruisings, which generally disappears in a few days.

How much does this cost?

Depending on how many treatments are necessary to help an individual attain their goal and maintain the results. The cost may vary between few hundreds to few thousands.

Do you offer finance options?

We offer 15 month no interest financing option through Advance Care Card. In fact, when you apply online, instant credit decisions are available. Certain applications may take 24 to 48 hours.

I have conditions not listed above, can shockwave help?

Definitely!  Shockwave therapy is utilized for many applications.
However, if your condition is not suitable for shockwave, our physicians will recommend other safe and alternative treatment options.

Advantage of shockwave therapy over other ED treatments

Currently, ED treatments include PDE-5 inhibitors, injections, and vacuum pump.
Some of their disadvantage include unwanted side effects, costly, lack of spontaneity, psychological distress, and only symptoms are addressed.

Shockwave therapy is focused on treating the root cause and aiming for long term success and can be coupled with other treatment options for the best outcome.

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