treating pain new health medical

treating pain new health medical

Whiplash or neck strain is the most common type of injury from motor vehicle accidents (MVA). A survey of 27 research studies found that acupuncture successfully relieves neck pain and disability, including the result of whiplash injury, after treatment and at a short-term follow-up (Trinh K et al, 2016). The Naturopathic Physicians, Acupuncturists, and Massage therapists at New Health Medical Center have a 45-year history of successfully treating whiplash and other pain and injury conditions.

Acupuncture is known to stimulate the gentle release of anti-inflammatory white blood cells, allow the brain to secrete chemicals to produce feelings of deep relaxation, and endorphins, the body’s endogenously produced morphine-like substance that is strong enough to treat withdrawal from addictions in drug detoxification clinics as well as all types of pain.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Richard Kitaeff has been an acupuncture pain management specialist on the staff of Northwest Hospital in Japan, and previously interned at the Osaka Medical College Pain Clinic and the Kyoto Pain Control Institute in Japan. At New Health Medical Center, Dr. Kitaeff, Dr. Kuo, and massage therapists combine acupuncture with other physical medicine methods to achieve maximum recovery rapidly from painful injuries .

Mild, comfortable electrical stimulation may be added to amplify the pain-relieving acupuncture effects. Gentle manual techniques, massage, spinal manipulation, and European medical spa-style medicinal hot packs are often recommended. For more difficult conditions of pain and muscle spasm, comfortable non-steroidal trigger-point injection of mild anesthetic fluid may be required.  A supportive home therapy program usually includes targeted therapeutic exercise, botanical oral and topical pain remedies, and often a prescription of an electrical stimulator for home use.

Usually, all clinical services are covered by personal injury and private insurance plans. For further information and to schedule an appointment for an initial pain management consultation and treatment, call New Health Medical Center at (425) 775-6001.