testosterone Treatment new health medical center

testosterone Treatment new health medical center

Testosterone is the hormone that is necessary for the growth of sperm, bones, and muscles in men, as well as being responsible for normal energy, sex drive, and adequate erections. In addition, low levels of testosterone have been found to lead to cognitive decline and may even play a role in developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Following the age of 30, there is a normal gradual decline in the level of testosterone. But if there are symptoms of low energy, depression, poor mental clarity, as well as inadequate erections, whether at middle age or younger, various medical conditions besides low testosterone can be the cause. For example, inflammatory conditions, infections, obesity, diabetes, adrenal fatigue or hypothyroidism could be possible causes of the symptoms mentioned or of low testosterone itself.

Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis and safe, effective treatment of low testosterone as well as other hormone imbalances in men and women. During an initial naturopathic medical consultation, symptoms and medical history would be discussed and an examination performed. Then a laboratory test would confirm the hormone status or other factors contributing to the condition. If testosterone is found on testing to be below the normal range, treatment could involve an injectable or topical form of the hormone.

In addition, our clinic has found that natural therapy methods such as traditional herbal formulas and acupuncture enhance the success of the treatment program. Patients usually experience positive results from treatment within a couple of weeks.


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