For Maximum Pain and Injury Relief, Energy, Mental Performance, Relaxation and Sleep

Electromagnetic Feld Therapy (EMFT) is a technology from Germany that stimulates restricted or defective micro-circulation through a mattress with magnetized coils that transmits the electromagnetic field to the whole body or through local applicators delivering high-intensity therapy to a local area, for example a painful joint. For many years, it has been effective for prevention, healing, recovery and cell regeneration. Some of its application and effects, based on research and clinical use over many years, have been:

* Healing of wounds and sports injuries
* Support for conditions of the immune system, including cancer
* Reduced susceptibility to infections
* Better resistance to cell degeneration or aging and shorter regeneration times in sports training
* Improved performance capacity
* Improved supply of nutrients and oxygen and waste disposal or detoxification for organs and tissues
* Reduced consequences of stress and improved sleep
* Improved mental performance and concentration, through stimulation of micro-circulation to the brain

Amateur sportsmen and women and world sports champions, including the Swiss and Finnish Olympic teams, have relied on Bemer electromagnetic technology.