Youthful, Glowing Skin and a Relaxed, Energized Body!

Developed from ancient healing traditions, micro-current rejuvenation is the high-tech future of skincare technology.

Without surgery, needles, redness, flaking, down time or discomfort, this unique, individualized treatment:

* encourages collagen production
* smooths fine lines and wrinkles
* firms skin tone
* diminishes blemishes and break-outs
* minimizes puffiness

More than a cosmetic procedure, micro-current facial rejuvenation is a revitalization process for the entire body, designed to make you look and feel renewed. Lose that under-eye “baggage”! Turn jowls into a jaw line! Look rested, awake and revitalized! There are no side effects, only side benefits! Take your beauty to the next level! Extraordinary results are waiting for you right now!

Based on an electrical treatment to regenerate wrinkled, sagging facial muscles of post-stroke and Bell’s palsy patients, the cosmetic facial treatment has been shown to improve muscle tone, increase circulation, stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin production and promote better circulation.

Patients under 40 years of age will generally need ten treatments, preferably twice a week. Patients over 40 tend to need fifteen to twenty treatments, depending on the skin condition, preferably two treatments per week for the first ten, then one treatment per week for the remainder.

Patients in their 30’s can begin treatment as a prevention to slow the aging process of decreased collagen and elastin production, loss of skin luster and weakened facial muscles. Smokers, drinkers, and sunbathers usually need fifteen to twenty treatments. Up to three months after the treatment program, regular maintenance treatments can be given, particularly prior to special occasions.

The treatment is comfortable and non-invasive, involving application of gentle micro-current through probes applied to acupressure points and wrinkle lines on the face, driving collagen cream into the connective tissue. Micro-current therapy provides a type of current that matches the amperage of current found in the cells of the body. Thus, it repairs or regenerates damaged or degenerated tissues.

Between treatments, herbal creams and cleansers can be used daily, and acupressure massage and a small electrical simulator can be applied daily to enhance and prolong the effect of treatment done in the clinic. Recommendation of proper diet, exercise and water consumption are also given. Usually, skin tone and coloration improve with each treatment, with results usually seen after the first treatment, and even more improvement noticed the day after treatment.

Compared to costly surgery, micro-current facial rejuvenation causes no scarring, bleeding or bruising, nor adverse reactions from use of antiseptics and anesthetics. Natural treatment, in contrast to surgery, enhances the skin’s own ability to heal and look more natural.

Environmental and health factors which impact skin condition involve pollution and make-up (which block skin pores), sun exposure (causing damage and dryness), smoking, medications and drugs, decreased water intake, poor diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep, stress, tension, and emotional imbalance.

Depending on skin types (dry, oily, or mixed), based on hereditary, dietary, environmental, seasonal or emotional factors, skin masks with natural ingredients are also prescribed as part of the cosmetic treatment program.