sciatica pain-therapy-by-new-health-medial-center

sciatica pain-therapy-by-new-health-medial-center

Sciatic and back pain usually are caused by impingement on spinal nerves by tight or spasmodic muscles, as a result of traumatic injury or strain patterns. Usually, there are a variety of conventional treatment options available to any patient, ranging from muscle relaxant drugs to physical therapy, chiropractic, or massage.

Over more than 35 years in the same location, New Health Medical Center has developed a unique and successful Pain Therapy Program that has combined innovative techniques of acupuncture, electrical therapy, manual muscle releasing and manipulation, as well as the European medical spa method of heated medicinal peat packs applied to joint or vertebral areas.

Results of treatment in the clinic are maintained by prescription of therapeutic exercises at home. Patients have found these methods to be rapidly effective, gentle and long-lasting.

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