Over more than 35 years of practice in the natural medicine field, Dr Kitaeff has had considerable success in promoting fertility for women and men, through the combination of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

The traditional Chinese medical approach to promotion of fertility in women is the regulation of the menstrual cycle, through daily doses of traditional Chinese herbal formulas and regular, comfortable acupuncture treatment, performed primarily at the mid-cycle and before the onset of menses.

Hormone testing and natural bio-identical hormone therapy may also be necessary for optimal results. Similar methods have been successful in treating male infertility. At the same time, lifestyle guidelines, including stress reduction training and targeted dietary recommendations are essential to support the Infertility Treatment Program.

Natural therapy approaches to infertility may be utilized in combination with conventional methods, such as in-vitro fertilization, to enhance results. At the same time, natural therapy methods have often have been found to be safer and more effective than conventional approaches.


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